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empathic adj. 1959 J. White Visitor at Large in New Worlds Science Fiction June 8 His new assistant was not a telepath—it could not read thoughts—but it was sensitive to feelings and emotions and would therefore have been aware of Conway’s curiosity. Conway felt like kicking himself for forgetting that empathic faculty.
rimworld n. 1955 J. White Star Walk in New Worlds Science Fiction (#33) Mar. 40 If they hadn’t insisted on a certain surplus of fuel and credits being available at all times, C-ships would have become marooned on out-of-the-way colonies and their service would have collapsed. Out here on the impoverished Rim worlds, they were hated like poison. But it wasn’t like that in the Centre.
xenopsychologist n. 1980 J. White Ambulance Ship 178 ‘It occurred to me that the crew rather than the ship are in a distressed condition and that their problem might be psychological rather than medical, and they might be in a disturbed and non-rational state.’… Now he has delusions of being a xenopsychologist! thought Conway.