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hyperspatial adj. 1968 J. White Vertigo in J. Carnell New Writings in SF 12 30 In our own early days of spaceflight—before gravity control, hyperspatial travel and atomic motors made considerations of weight of little or no importance—vehicles had to be built as light as possible.
precog n. 1 1960 J. White High Road in New Worlds Science Fiction May 120 We had no transport ourselves, and when one of the men, a limited Pre-cog, sensed a car coming in a few minutes we put him beside the road knowing that that way he would have medical attention quickly.
pressor beam n. 1958 J. White in New Worlds Science Fiction Nov. 30 My men say the pressor beam mounts were not designed to stand this sort of thing. Insufficiently braced. The hull plating has sprung in eight places.
pressor beam n. 1960 J. White in New Worlds Science Fiction Jan. 5 Sections which should have fitted together very often had to be modified to make them join properly, and this necessitated moving the sections together and apart several times with massed tractor and pressor beams.
rimworld n. 1955 J. White Star Walk in New Worlds Science Fiction (#33) Mar. 40 If they hadn’t insisted on a certain surplus of fuel and credits being available at all times, C-ships would have become marooned on out-of-the-way colonies and their service would have collapsed. Out here on the impoverished Rim worlds, they were hated like poison. But it wasn’t like that in the Centre.
spacewreck n. 1983 J. White Survivor in Alien Emergencies (2002) 248 In spite of his considerable experience with spacewreck casualties of all shapes, sizes, and physiological classifications, Conway winced at the memory of what they had found.
suit radio n. 1957 J. White Sector General in New Worlds Science Fiction Nov. 32 In the suit radio a cry of surprise was abruptly cut off by the clang of metal against metal.
suit radio n. 1968 J. White All Judgment Fled in Worlds of If 158/1 McCullough, now that his taped report had come to an end, began calling Hollis and Walters on his suit radio.
telepath n. 1959 J. White Visitor at Large in New Worlds Science Fiction June 8 His new assistant was not a telepath…but it was sensitive to feelings and would therefore have been aware of Conway’s curiosity.
xenopsychologist n. 1980 J. White Ambulance Ship 178 ‘It occurred to me that the crew rather than the ship are in a distressed condition and that their problem might be psychological rather than medical, and they might be in a disturbed and non-rational state.’… Now he has delusions of being a xenopsychologist! thought Conway.