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cold sleeper n. [ 1945 C. S. Lewis That Hideous Strength (1974) 120 But from Jane’s dream of the cold sleeper he had learned better. There was something under the soil of Bragdon, something to be discovered by digging. It was, in fact, the body of Merlin. ]
dystopia n. 2 1955 C. S. Lewis George Orwell in On Stories (1982) 104 Again, 1984 belongs to…the genre of what may be called ‘Dystopias’, those nightmare visions of the future which began, perhaps, with Wells’s Time Machine and The Sleeper Wakes.
hobbitry n. 1947 C. S. Lewis Essays Presented to Charles Williams 104 The Hobbit escapes the danger of degenerating into mere plot and excitement by a very curious shift of tone. As the humour and homeliness of the early chapters, the sheer ‘Hobbitry’, dies away we pass insensibly into the world of epic.
spaceship n. 1938 C. S. Lewis Out of Silent Planet iv. 38 All he ever remembered of his first meal in the space-ship was the tyranny of heat and light.
Tellurian adj. 1943 C. S. Lewis Perelandra (1944) 4 We had eldila of our own, he said, Tellurian eldils, but they were of a different kind and mostly hostile to Man.
Tellurian adj. 1943 C. S. Lewis Perelandra (1944) 8 I did not doubt the existence of the things he had met in Mars—the Pfifltriggi, the Hrossa, and the Sorns—nor of these interplanetary eldila. I did not even doubt the reality of that mysterious being whom the eldil call Maleldil and to whom they appear to give a total obedience such as no Tellurian dictator can command.
Tellus n. 1945 C. S. Lewis That Hideous Strength (1974) 180 ‘The shadow of one dark wing is over all Tellus.’ ‘Is it, then, the End?’ asked Merlin. ‘And this,’ said Ransom, ignoring the question, ‘is why we have no way left save the one I have told you. The Hideous Strength holds all this Earth in its fist.’
Tellus n. 1943 C. S. Lewis Perelandra (1944) 200 Within these caves was burned the body of Edward Rolles Weston a learned Hnau of the world which those who inhabit it call Tellus but the eldila Thulcandra he was born when Tellus had completed one thousand eight hundred and ninety-six revolutions about Arbol since the time when Maleldil blessed be he was born as a Hnau in Thulcandra he studied the properties of bodies and first of the Tellurians travelled through deep heaven to Malacandra and to Perelandra where he gave up his will and reason to the bent eldil when Tellus was making the one thousandth nine hundredth and forty-second revolution after the birth of Maleldil blessed be he.
Tolkienian adj. 1954 C. S. Lewis in Time & Tide 14 Aug. 1083/1 In the Tolkinian world you can hardly put your foot down…without stirring the dust of history.