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Alexander Jablokov

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insectoidal adj. 1990 A. Jablokov Place of No Shadows in Asimov’s Science Fiction Nov. 182 Rats, and others, pests from a dozen alien vessels, some chittering and insectoidal, some silent and lizard-like, all living on floating garbage in the interstellar amity of scavengers.
space probe n. 2008 A. Jablokov Boarder in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Mar. 19 An ICBM needs to be launched quickly, and so needs a storable propellant. A space probe or manned flight, not so much. So, we were secretly working on what we really wanted to work on?
warship n. 1994 A. Jablokov Summer & Ice in Asimov’s Science Fiction May 23 They had traced the approaching warship as it decelerated from translight speed.