Jeff VanderMeer

2 Quotations from Jeff VanderMeer

meat world n. 2021 J. VanderMeer Hummingbird Salamander xxiv. 60 ‘No one’s following me. No one’s there, Charlie.’ It came down to this: I wasn’t ready to believe some online searches had spilled over into the meat world. Charlie looked at me like I was naïve, then shrugged. ‘Okay, then. No one’s following you.’
morph v. 1 2017 J. VanderMeer Borne ii. 93 Trailing a little behind me, Borne was a large rock that bumbled to a stop, soundless, when I looked back. Almost stealthy. [...] Soon I was no longer being followed be a rock but by a giant undulating worm [...] The lizard morphed back into a rock, close enough now that I didn’t have to shout to talk to it. ‘Borne. I can see you. You came out here with me. I know that it’s you.’ Silence. ‘Borne. You’ve been a rock, a worm, a fly, and now a lizard. Do you think I’m stupid? Even if I hadn’t brought you out here?’ The rock moved from side to side a little.