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cityship n. 1953 J. May Star of Wonder in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 86/1 Leaning forward swiftly to the control panel Hondra tuned in the assembly hall of the nearest cityship. It was in an uproar. The image of the home planet remained on its screen. Most of the people raised their arms toward it and wept, while others streamed up and over the seats in exultant frenzy.
impeller n. 1983 J. May Nonborn King iii. v. 273 The sky was brilliant cobalt without a cloud, and the air almost dead calm; but the vessel was making a steady six knots, its solar-powered impeller augmented by metapsychic thrust from the PK specialists on watch.
regeneration tank n. 1981 J. May Many-Colored Land (1983) 25 The wounded actor was philosophical about his three months in the regeneration tank. β€˜Just the hazards of the trade, kid,’ he had told his remorseful attacker.