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Dean R. Koontz

8 Quotations from Dean R. Koontz

alien n. 1989 D. Koontz Midnight i. xxx. 127 If the problem was aliens from another world, Father Castelli would not be protected.
empathist n. 1972 D. R. Koontz Mouse in Walls of Global Village in H. Ellison Again, Dangerous Visions 597 Well, dammit, you know how it was. A man comes along with the Empathy Circuits to augment the brain, and you are happy to let them install one in your own head. I mean, everyone’s one big family now. No war. No misunderstandings. Only love. Right? Well, eventually. It’s going to be great. Someone’s having problems, everyone helps straighten him out, gives him love and understanding so that he can eventually come to terms with himself. And no words are needed. Man, not when everyone is an Empathist!
flame gun n. 1970 D. R. Koontz Beastchild in Venture Science Fiction Aug. 77/2 He found himself with a flame-gun in his hands. He trained it on the vines. Yellow-crimson fire leapt forward.
jaunt v. 1972 D. R. Koontz Cosmic Sin in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Feb. 72/1 The air shimmered, seemed to bend, and there he was—a tall dude with a lot of black hair…. ‘I jaunted us here.’
Lovecraftian adj. 1976 D. Koontz Night Chills (1983) ii. ix. 342 The atmosphere was Lovecraftian, a dank seed bed of paranoia.
suit phone n. 1969 D. R. Koontz In the Shield in Worlds of If Jan. iii. 131/1 Still the noise persisted. ‘It’s the same sound,’ Sam shouted into his suit phone, ‘that I heard when I was obeying the hypnotic commands.’
superhero n. 1991 D. R. Koontz Cold Fire i. iv. 135 Even a self-appointed superhero with clairvoyant powers might just spend a day…doing nothing more dangerous than eating Szechuan Chinese with the chef’s hottest mustard.
time-travelling adj. 1986 D. Koontz Strangers i. ii. 186 A tale of time-traveling trolls fighting their own secret war against British goblins during the American revolution.