Steve White

9 Quotations from Steve White

armorplast n. 1999 ‘S. White’ Emperor of Dawn 223 The armorplast was so strong that it didn’t really compromise the ship’s structural integrity in any measurable way.
bionic adj. 2015 S. White Soldiers Out of Time xiii. 96 The Human Integrity Act’s prohibition of bionic replacement limbs and organs had been one of its most controversial provisions, for they were one of the more defensible forms of man-machine interfacing.
cyborging n. 1997 D. Weber & S. White In Death Ground iv. 57 His Orglons represented the obscene end-product of the unrestricted cyborging on which humankind had turned its back after some bad experiences in the twenty-first century: flesh and metal, neurons and silicon, blended into a soulless amalgam created long ago by a race that no longer knew or cared what its own original organic form might have been—if, indeed, that race could still be said to exist at all, after having merged its identity into that of its machines.
dirtball n. 2002 D. Weber & S. White Shiva Option 78 Until the last frigging Bug on that dirt ball is dead, we assume their defenses are at one hundred percent.
in-system adv. 1997 D. Weber & S. White In Death Ground (prologue) 7 Argive had been in-system for over six days now without detecting anything but lifeless worlds and what might be a second warp point just over three light-hours from the star.
normal space n. 1997 D. Weber & S. White In Death Ground (prologue) 3 Survey Command lost more ships to accidents in normal space than on exploration duties.
reaction drive n. 2015 S. White Soldiers Out of Time xix. 145 But subtle fluctuation of the artificial gravity let them know, even in the dim depths of the slave compartment, when the Primary Limit had been entered and the transport was maneuvering under reaction drive.
sublight adv. 2015 S. White Soldiers Out of Time xvi. 120 We’ve detected a ship entering this system and going sublight.
telempathy n. 2011 S. White & C. E. Gannon Extremis xiii. 241 One of its most unusual and dissimilar features is that her variety of telempathy permits her no guile or misrepresentation. If she thinks a falsehood, that inveracity registers immediately and unmistakably along with the message itself.