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posthumanist adj. 1985 B. Sterling Schismatrix 208 ‘You know I don’t follow that post-Cataclyst line.’ ‘Posthumanist,’ Wellspring insisted. ‘Are you on the side of life, or aren’t you? If you’re not, then you’ll let the pain overwhelm you. You’ll go against Constantine and die as Nora did. Accept her death, and stay with us. The future belongs to Posthumanism, Lindsay. Not to nation-states, not to factions. It belongs to life, and life moves in clades.’ ‘I’ve heard your spiel before, Wellspring. If we embrace the loss of our humanity then it means worse differences, worse struggle, worse ware.’
posthumanity n. 1985 B. Sterling Schismatrix 231 ‘At my age,’ Lindsay said, ‘if I were human I’d already be dead.’ ‘Now you’re talking. You’re as big as your dreams. That’s what they say in C-K, right? No rules, no limits. Look at the Mechs and Shapers.’ The boy was contemptuous. ‘All the power in the world, and they’re chasing each other’s tails. Burn their wars and midget ideologies. Posthumanity’s bigger than that. [...]’
proto-cyberpunk n. 1986 B. Sterling Mirrorshades Pref. p. ix These proto-cyberpunks were briefly dubbed the Mirrorshades Group.
slipstream n. 1989 B. Sterling in SF Eye July 78/2 We could call this kind of fiction Novels of Postmodern Sensibility, but that looks pretty bad on a category rack, and requires an acronym besides; so for the sake of convenience and argument, we will call these books ‘slipstream.’ ‘Slipstream’ is not all that catchy a term, and if this young genre ever becomes an actual category I doubt it will use that name, which I just coined along with my friend Richard Dorsett. ‘Slipstream’ is a parody of ‘mainstream’, and nobody calls mainstream ‘mainstream’ except for us skiffy trolls.