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Sherrilyn Kenyon

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neurolink n. 2015 S. Kenyon Born of Betrayal xi. 271 She saw his eyes turn vibrant red. At first, she thought it might be from his neurolink with the ship.
shapeshift v. 2018 S. Kenyon Stygian 224 โ€˜Awesome. Trapped here with you. No wine. No beer.โ€™ He scanned him with a look. โ€˜And you canโ€™t even shapeshift into a woman. Damn, I pissed off the wrong god last night.โ€™
shapeshifter n. 2018 S. Kenyon Stygian 264 โ€˜Iโ€™m a Katagari Tsakali.โ€™ Urian was the first to snort. โ€˜You say that as if we should have a clue as to what it means.โ€™ He cast a disdainful smirk toward him. โ€˜Means Iโ€™m a shapeshifter. You donโ€™t get out much, do you?โ€™
teleport v. 2 2011 S. Kenyon & D. Love Alterant iv. 43 His being here explained how someone had shown up so fast. Sen had the ability to teleport anywhere he wanted.