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avian adj. 1979 D. Drake Hammerโ€™s Slammers (1985) 59 Their sharp-edged faces, scale-dusted but more avian than reptile, stared enraptured at one of their number who hung in the air.
dimension n. 1992 D. Drake Northworld 3: Justice xii. 62 The bottle which held the prisoner sat in Bay 20, at the focus of the device by which Karring closed the escape route through dimensions.
light-minute n. 1999 D. Drake With the Lightnings 5 Formally the Reciprocity Agreement granted Cinnabar only the right to land warships on Kostroma instead of staying ten light-minutes out like those of other nations.
port n. 2000 D. Drake Lt. Leary Commanding (2001) i. 8 A plume of steam expanded from a berth halfway across the port. The ground trembled for several seconds before the roar of a ship lifting off reached Danielโ€™s party through the air.
slideway n. 1984 D. Drake Cross Stars 235 There was a slideway leading from the office to the bright splotch which was the open, seaward end of the building.
starfarer n. 2000 D. Drake Lt. Leary Commanding xxix. 473 Canals fed by the river to the north crisscrossed the land and provided reaction mass, but the Selma pirates didnโ€™t favor water harbors the way most starfarers did.