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biotech n. 1960 P. J. Farmer Heel in Worlds of If May 86/1 Achilles will seem to be dead but will actually be in a state of suspended animation. We’ll sneak his body at night from the funeral pyre and substitute a corpse. A bio-tech who owes me a favor will fix up the face of a dead Trojan or Greek to look like Achilles’. When this epic is done and we’re ready to leave Earth, you can run away.
colony planet n. 1957 P. J. Farmer Night of Light in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction June 25/2 So what if my prints are filed? They won’t be cross-checked; they’ll just be those of some immigrant, who was born on a colony-planet and who is being recorded for the first time.
empathist n. 1952 P. J. Farmer Lovers in Startling Stories Aug. 61/2 We empathists can put ourselves into somebody else’s nervous system and think and feel as they do.
gate n. 1966 P. J. Farmer Gates of Creation (1975) 9 Then he would have to find the gate that would give entrance to the pocket universe.
planetside adv. 1955 P. J. Farmer Father in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July 4/1 He posed monolithic in his sky-blue uniform that had not changed since the Twenty-First Century. Though it was well known that he felt a little ridiculous when he wore it planet-side, when he was on his ship he walked as a man clad in armor.
pocket universe n. 1966 P. J. Farmer Gates of Creation (1975) 9 Then he would have to find the gate that would give entrance to the pocket universe.
pocket universe n. 1970 P. J. Farmer Behind Walls of Terra 4 Kickaha had been transmitted into an artificial universe, a pocket universe, created by a Lord named Jadawin.
pseudopod n. 1977 P. J. Farmer Dark Design xlix. 281 Somehow, without being aware of it, he had spun around and was facing the owner of the voice. It was a shadowy figure in the clouds swirling in the pilothouse. It moved toward him, stopped, and reached out a vague arm. A pseudopod flicked a switch on the panel.
sapient n. 1960 P. J. Farmer Woman a Day vi. 30 The CWC might be utilizing the sapients because they possessed powers or advantages Terrestrials did not have.
sentient n. 1965 P. J. Farmer Maker of Universes iii. 34 The merpeople and the sentients who lived on the beach often hitched rides on these creatures, steering them by pressure on exposed nerve centers.
spacefaring adj. 1953 P. J. Farmer Strange Compulsion in Science Fiction Plus Oct. 60/1 Once the quarantine had been clamped down and all the space-faring Remohs located and examined, Gaulers went to work.
spacer n. 2 1957 P. J. Farmer Green Odyssey (1976) 154 I would like to know if you can pilot that spacer and if it’s in operating condition.
Tau Cetan n. 1971 P. J. Farmer To Your Scattered Bodies Go (1975) iv. 21 The being—the Tau Cetan!—talked so pragmatically, so sensibly, that he provided an anchor to which Burton could tie his senses before they drifted away again. And, despite the repulsive alienness of the creature, he exuded a friendliness and an openness that warmed Burton. Moreover, any creature that came from a civilization which could span many trillions of miles of interstellar space must have very valuable knowledge and resources.
tri-D n. 1960 P. J. Farmer in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Oct. 107/2 What a panic that would create! People running to stare at this monster seen now only on tri-di or in the zoo!
unsuit v. 1964 P. J. Farmer Tongues of Moon 93 ‘Take off your suit. Then come in with your hands over your head.’ Without waiting for the man to finish unsuiting, Broward took the scout out of the port and away towards Mars.