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Lucius Shepard

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hell planet n. 2004 L. Shepard Multiplexity in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 123/1 A variety of settings—an ice planet, a civilized world, a triple-max security prison on a hell planet.
light-month n. 1952 T. Cogswell Specter General in Astounding Science Fiction June iv. 16/2 Ships that were supposed to be light-months away carrying on the carefully planned search for General Carr’s hideout were fluttering down out of the sky like senile penguins, disabled by blown jets, jammed computers, and all the other natural ills that worn out and poorly serviced equipment is heir to.
precog n. 2 2007 L. Shepard in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Sept. 103/2 Dick’s original story dealt with a golden-skinned mutant and a government paranoid about his pre-cog abilities.
superluminal adv. 1992 L. Shepard Barnacle Bill the Spacer in Asimov’s Science Fiction July 136 Seconds after its disappearance, what looked to be an iridescent crack began to spread across the blackness, reaching from the place where Sojourner had gone superluminal to its point of departure, widening to a finger’s breadth, then a hand’s, and more, like an all-colored piece of lightning hardened into a great jagged sword that was sundering the void.