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anti-agathic adj. 1958 H. Ellison Nothing for My Noon Meal in Nebula Science Fiction May 45 With the new anti-agathic drugs, people just aren’t dying.
dropshaft n. 1957 H. Ellison Deeper Than the Darkness in Infinity Science Fiction Apr. 21/1 The Pyrotic let the dropshaft lower him, and he found the lifescoot some time later.
empath n. 1968 H. Ellison Try a Dull Knife in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Oct. 71/1 That was Eddie Burma’s problem. He was an empath. He felt. Deep inside himself, on a level most people never even know exists, he felt for the world.
everywhen n. 1968 H. Ellison Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World in Galaxy June 20/1 There was a reason the garbage of insanity had ceased to flow through everywhere and everywhen from the drained mind of a seven-headed dragon.
fantasist n. 2007 H. Ellison Mistral in the Bijou in Interzone (#210) June 42/2 He might easily surpass John Collier, Donald Barthelme, Ray Bradbury or even Kurt Vonnegut as a mainstream fantasist of classic stature.
gram v. 1957 H. Ellison World of Women in Fantastic Feb. 54/2 I grammed SpaceCom and let them know the job was done, and then settled back to wait for a relief ship to pick me up.
graser n. 1974 H. Ellison Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans: Latitude 38° 54' N, Longitude 77° 00' 13" W in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Oct. 59/1 Victor let Talbot study them for a long moment, then said, ‘Not lasers. Grasers. Gamma Ray Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.’
holovid n. 1973 H. Ellison The Day I Died in Stalking the Nightmare (1982) 294 I was on a publicity tour for the book, fresh from a talk show over holovid. Oh, yes, I should mention holovid…. The cable people in conjunction with LaserScience, Ltd. of Great Britain combined holograms with 3-D projection techniques and came up with holovid, in which the viewer actually became a part of the show or studio audience.
home galaxy n. 1971 H. Ellison & A. E. van Vogt Human Operators in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan. 20/2 Could we got back to the Home Galaxy, the place we came from, where the war was?
homeworld n. 1959 H. Ellison Run for Stars in Touch of Infinity 47 But you have no reason to fear, for I’m going to offer you a deal far superior to anything you had as mere Kyben soldiers on conquest missions for your home world.
insectoidal adj. 1971 H. Ellison & A. E. van Vogt Human Operators in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan. 21/1 The found the ruined diving suit with its fish-eaten contents lying on its back in deep azure sand, sextet of insectoidal legs bent up at the joints, in a posture of agony.
jet pack n. 1969 H. Ellison Santa Claus vs. S.P.I.D.E.R. in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan. 100/1 Kris hit the jet-pack and went straight up.
mother ship n. 1959 H. Ellison Run for Stars in Touch of Infinity 41 And here was the bomb, walking through the mother ship.
Nebula n. 1972 H. Ellison Introduction to Mathoms from the Time Closet in H. Ellison Again, Dangerous Visions 124 Isaac Asimov had been pressed into service at the last moment to read the winners of the Nebulas.
outworlder n. 1957 H. Ellison Run for the Stars in Science Fiction Adventures June 69/1 The golden-skinned out[-]worlder hesitated a fraction of a second, and Tallant brought his knee up with a snap.
planetside adv. 1959 H. Ellison Run for Stars in Touch of Infinity 41 Every able-bodied man had been sent planetside to search for the bomb.
plasteel n. 1956 H. Ellison Trojan Hearse in Infinity Science Fiction Aug. 101/1 There was a momentary silence, then the plasteel-armored guards fired at the spot.
robocop n. 1957 H. Ellison Wanted in Surgery in Worlds of If Aug. 79/1 Bergman stopped at the door, as the robocop rolled up, and its tentacles slammed out at him.
robotically adv. 1 1957 H. Ellison Savage Swarm in Amazing Stories Mar. 20/2 He had not devoted himself robotically to turning out a million insignificant little commercial trinkets.
scouter n. 1957 H. Ellison World of Women in Fantastic Feb. 34/2 I knew I couldn’t fight it out with them; the scouter was just too small.
tin can n. 1958 H. Ellison No Planet Is Safe in Super-Science Fiction June 110/2 ‘Listen, Mr. Writer,’ Weiss spun on him, ‘we’ve been tooling this tin-can through space for five years, and we thank God nightly we’re still alive to report back.’
trekkie n. 1972 H. Ellison Introduction to With a Finger in My I in H. Ellison Again, Dangerous Visions 341 But then, no one ever denied that Star Trek‘trekkies’ are bats from the git-go.
tricorder n. 1966 H. Ellison City on the Edge of Forever (teleplay, 3 June) in City on the Edge of Forever: Original Teleplay (1996) 157 Kirk Where’s the tricorder?… He speaks into the machine.…Memory Banks. Voice of Tricorder (filter) Activated. Kirk Integrate all data on Old Earth, year 1930 old style. Compute for variables resulting in major alterations of historical flow.
unsuited adv. 1957 H. Ellison Blank... in Infinity Science Fiction June 103/1 ‘Snap [i.e. leave] the ship,’ he snarled at her, aiming the blaster. ‘I'm unsuited,’ she replied.
warp v. 1989 H. Ellison The Few, The Proud in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine Mar. 24 They warped him back to TEF Mainbase on Cueball, the ringed planet orbiting Sirus, to be court-martialed and to stand trial.