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groundhog n. 1983 M. McCollum Life Probe i. 16 Spacers pick up careful habits…if they live long enough. Where a groundhog would have left the record for later, Brea always checked and double checked everything.
laser pistol n. 1979 M. McCollum Beer Run in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact July 118/1 I'd attended a couple of lectures on laser weapons. One thing every expert agreed on: a laser pistol with a six inch barrel theoretically impossible.
light-hour n. 1983 M. McCollum Life Probe ix. 87 You come up with a figure of seven hundred twenty light-hours, right?
skyhook n. 2 1983 M. McCollum Life Probe xvii. 152 Fifty meters out, a cable from Bernadotte whipped around and snagged Brea’s grappling hook. She braced herself for the moment when she would run out of slack, but the blow was surprisingly mild when it came. As soon as she felt tension in the cable, she faced in the direction of Bernadotte’s rotation and boosted with all the thrust her backpack jet could provide. After thirty seconds, she judged her speed to be roughly the same as the ship’s and shut down to await pickup. After long minutes spent as the hapless weight at the end of a long pendulum, she was hauled aboard. The maneuver was called riding the skyhook and was principally used to transfer personnel between rotating ships whose design didn’t include a docking sphere at the spin axis.
Sol III n. 1983 M. McCollum Life Probe xv. 237 The Scientists and engineers of Sol III will have been drafted into the great effort.
star system n. 1983 M. McCollum Life Probe xvi. 244 Whenever a life probe entered a star system, it usually brought radical changes with it.
vacsuit n. 1981 M. McCollum Which Way To Ends Of Time? in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Aug. 17 16/2 Which was why I spent an average of twelve hours every day on the Lunar surface in a smelly vacsuit either being broiled by a too-hot sun or struggling to keep my toes from frostbite.