Sam Maggs

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BNF n. 2020 S. Maggs Con Quest! ii. 15 [at the fictional GeekiCon] Standing semi-concealed by a big group of Star-Troopers were Team Dangermaker, the four-person team who’d won the Quest the last three years running. Dahlia, Fox, Rey, and Malik were as close to internet royalty as a person could come without being an actual movie star. They were the very definition of BNFsβ€”Big Name Fans.
mind-controlling adj. 2020 S. Maggs Built on Hope xx. 312 Nadia grabbed the notebook and ran back to the kitchen, holding it aloft. β€˜I have this now!’ she said excitedly. β€˜Please tell me it’s not another mind-controlling robo-mom,’ Taina groaned. β€˜No.’ Nadia shook her head. β€˜My own journal. Look!’