Terry Carr

2 Quotations from Terry Carr

-con suffix 1969 T. Carr Fantasy Fandom in Fantastic Oct. 54/1 The Baycon was so fragmented in these various ways that it seemed like a collage-con.
crudzine n. 1969 T. Carr Fantasy Fandom: A Modest Manifesto in Fantastic Oct. 51/2 Today in the mail I got a fanzine that was as bad a crudzine as any I’ve seen since the great days of Thurban I and Looking Backward. It was ineptly typed, crudely written, badly reproduced, with execrable artwork shakily stenciled, book reviews that were often just plot summaries and a story of which I had only to read three random lines to know there was no need to read more. But: the editor, the contributors, the lettercol hacks were at least talking about the right subjects for once.