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areographer n. 1950 ‘T. Sheridan’ Battle of the Canals in Science Fantasy Summer 59/1 A whole series of photographs which not only confirmed the drawings of the great French areographer Antoniadi but showed a number of single and even double canals which were also observed visually.
science fantasy n. 4 1950 W. Gillings in Science-Fantasy Summer 3/1 If few had faith in an inner world, there were thousands who believed in 1835 that there was a world of green mountains and blue lakes in the Moon…and of flying men! Richard Adams Locke’s science-fantasy, better known as The Moon Hoax, was presented in the New York Sun in such clever style that it seemed gospel truth—at least for a week or so. More recently, New Yorkers exhibited no less belief in Mr. Wells' invading Martians, as dispensed by radio by Mr. Welles. And the Flying Saucers? Space-ships, and little men from Venus…? Truly, science-fantasy has a potency which does not always depend on its plausibility; for its dreams very often come true. Science-fantasy which is—intentionally—fiction. Science-fantasy which is—or might well be—fact. In this new magazine we shall be concerned with it in all its forms: with its significant ideas, its surprising prophecies, its sheer fictions, its evolution as a fascinating literature. We shall present both facts and fancies. Hence—science- fantasy.