Nick Lowe

4 Quotations from Nick Lowe

Betelgeusean adj. 1984 N. Lowe So You Fancy Yourself as a Writer? in Focus (#9) Gastronomy. Of various ideas we tried out to do with inventing alien cultures and societies, this proved to be much the easiest and most fun. All you have to do is describe the alien dish named, again rather after the manner of Call My Bluff: Betelgeusian squop-nuts, Altairian flatties, blue snoop, great hyperspatial whistling dipple, &c.
gameplay n. 1999 N. Lowe Mutant Popcorn in Interzone (#145) July 43/2 The eXistenZ game, supposedly a world-beater, looks like the worldโ€™s least enjoyable game ever: no action, little gameplay, no narrative propulsion, lots of confusing and pointless twists, easy clues, [etc.].
mecha n. 1 1995 N. Lowe Mutant Popcorn in Interzone (#100) Oct. 36/2 Quite possibly the most critic-proof movie ever made, Power Rangers marks a fascinating new phase in the Japanese colonization of the western imaginationโ€”a radical postwestern narrativity and design sense alike, born of the combined subversive powers of toy manufacturers, classical mecha action, and the tastes and aspirations of the under-tens.
saucerman n. 1997 N. Lowe Mutant Popcorn in Interzone (#121) July 34/1 Yearning for that holiday on Mars, but canโ€™t afford the memory implants? Longing for the abductee experience, but tired of waiting for the saucermen to call?