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James Patrick Kelly

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Anglic n. 2016 J. P. Kelly One Sister, Two Sisters, Three in Clarkesworld (#121) Oct. 16 The minder sputtered something in Anglic. ‘Please—we’re guests on their world.’ The tourist scowled at her. ‘Let’s speak their language.’
cyberpunk n. 2 2009 J. P. Kelly On the Net in Asimov’s Science Fiction June 10/1 He centered his narrative on the alleged literary wars between the cyberpunks and the humanists, which was actually more like contretemps than combat, but let that go.
kilohour n. 1990 J. P. Kelly Mr. Boy in Asimov’s Science Fiction 131 Stand on your head long enough—even if only in your imagination—and you get airsick. It took kilohours of practice to learn to compensate. Upside down was one of Stennie’s trademark ways of showing off.
solar system n. 2009 J. P. Kelly Going Deep in Asimov’s Science Fiction June 26 Their ships cruised at sublight speeds through distant solar systems.