Charles E. Gannon

3 Quotations from Charles E. Gannon

cold sleep v. 2014 C. E. Gannon Trial By Fire xvi. 179 The hardcopy folder…might hold the secrets of the one hundred hours Caine had lost on the Moon just before being coldslept, fourteen years ago.
cold sleeper n. 2014 C. E. Gannon Trial by Fire ii. 13 You think I can be objective about Caine Riordan? Gee, that might be a little hard, seeing as how the guy who fell in love with my sister Elena fourteen years ago, the guy my dad then mind-wiped, who is the father of my fatherless nephew, and who is now romantically involved—well, entangled—with one hell of a wonderful coldsleeper from the past, Opal Patrone.
telempathy n. 2011 S. White & C. E. Gannon Extremis xiii. 241 One of its most unusual and dissimilar features is that her variety of telempathy permits her no guile or misrepresentation. If she thinks a falsehood, that inveracity registers immediately and unmistakably along with the message itself.