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flame gun n. 1993 J. Noon Vurt (1994) 109 โ€˜Okay!โ€™ shouted Murdoch. โ€˜This is my score. Iโ€™m bringing you down for this. Harbouring, possession, bootlegging. The whole shit. Youโ€™re getting it.โ€™ She pulled a flame gun from her waistband.
flame pistol n. 1993 J. Noon Vurt (1994) 113 His beams swung in from every corner until they pulled in a tight focus on The Beetleโ€™s gun. Flame pistol. 0.38. Fully loaded. Six bullets. [...] Beetle shot him. Beetle shot him! And all these miles and days away, Iโ€™m still listening to that shot of flame.
multiverse n. 1 1997 J. Noon Nymphomation (1998) 31 Everyday life is an infinite branching mazeway set in the multiverse.