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gravitonic adj. 1983 B. Herbert Sidney’s Comet xii. 233 Just as she started to roll forward, the mass driver shell lurched, and she rolled hard against a quarter bulkhead. Grabbing the bulkhead to stay on her feet, the Mayor read a Patterman Gravitonic Indicator dial mounted there. The reading: β€˜1.027.’
needle pistol n. 2007 B. Herbert & K. J. Anderson Sandworms of Dune (2008) 337 The child clamped the cutter between her teeth, tucked the needle pistol into her small shirt, and began to creep through the vent.
spacing n. 1 2014 B. Herbert & K. J. Anderson Mentats of Dune 228 He has created a vast invisible network, like a cancer working through the Imperiumβ€”he owns the largest spacing fleet, the only one with access to Navigators for safe transport.