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conapt n. 1964 P. K. Dick Cantata 140 in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July 49/1 ‘Where can I find this Lackmore right now?’ ‘In his conapt in Oakland, California. Probably eating dinner; it’s about six, there.’
out-system n. 1957 P. K. Dick Unreconstructed M in Science Fiction Stories Jan. 36/2 ‘Where you planning to go?’ ‘Toward Center,’ Tirol said. ‘Center’ was the term used in out-systems for the Sol Group.
precog n. 1 1954 P. K. Dick in Galaxy Science Fiction Oct. 10/1 He kept on talking to the Norm-class officials grouped around the two Precogs.
precog n. 2 1954 P. K. Dick World of Talent in Galaxy Science Fiction Oct. 10/2 His wife’s precog span was somewhat greater than his own.
timequake n. 1954 P. K. Dick Breakfast at Twilight in Amazing Stories July 33/2 The concentrated energy must have tipped some unstable time-fault. Like a rock fault. We’re always starting earthquakes. But a time quake... Interesting. That’s what happened, I think. The release of energy, the destruction of matter, sucked your house into the future. Carried the house seven years ahead.
vidcall n. 1953 P. K. Dick Mr. Spaceship in Imagination Jan. 44/1 As soon as we get to the moon base I’ll make a vidcall to earth.
vidscreen n. 1953 P. K. Dick Mr. Spaceship in Imagination Jan. 44/2 On the vidscreen Dolores knitted her brow.