Jack C. Haldeman, II

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Jack C. Haldeman, II

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deflector n. 1980 J. C. Haldeman II Perry's Planet i. 2 The Enterprise, now with full deflectors, rocked slightly under each impact.
genetically engineered adj. 1978 J. D. Haldeman II Agony of Defeat in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar.–Apr. 133 Would you like to explain to our viewers, Mr. Huff, how you think you can get away by playing with a genetically engineered squad when the rules clearly state that football is too dangerous to be played by humans?
zero-g n. 1974 J. C. Haldeman Space Through Our Fingers in Amazing Stories Oct. 66/1 The cargo bay could be set up as zero G laboratories or medical facilities.