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antigravity adj. 1997 G. Nix Shadeโ€™s Children xiii. 128 It appears to be a device that converts some form of radiated power to some other form of energy. An antigravity device perhaps, because it is quite impossible for these things to fly without assistance.
contragravity n. 2012 G. Nix Confusion of Princes 23 For the final descent, Haddad had also equipped us with contragravity harnesses, military-issue ones as worn by mekbi troopers rather than the superior variety used by Princes.
flame pistol n. 2015 G. Nix By Frogsled and Lizardback to Outcast Venusian Lepers in Old Venus 349 โ€˜Here,โ€™ said Jat, handing over a flame pistol, the bigger military version of the heat-beams Kelvin and Vinnie carried. โ€˜You never know; Theodore might have missed something.โ€™
plasteel n. 2015 G. Nix By Frogsled and Lizardback to Outcast Venusian Lepers in Old Venus 316 Sprinkled between the domes were buildings of every possible style, from single-box prefab plasteel instahuts to six-story mansions of local phlegm-colored brick, abandoned ships repurposed as factories or dwellings, and the ever-popular yurts of local lizard-hide over steel frames that could be quickly moved if circumstances required it.
suit phone n. 2006 G. Nix Dog Soldier in Best of Jim Baenโ€™s Universe (2007) 17 He wondered what the hell it was doing, till his damage control telltales showed one restored com circuit. The DOGโ€™s tail was its antenna and input fiber, and it had just plugged into his suit phone. โ€˜Well done!โ€™ Gillies exclaimed again. The tail wagged a little, but not too much.