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Paul J. McAuley

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kipple n. 1988 P. J. McAuley Transcendence in Amazing Stories Nov. 60 His files…had been filled to overflowing: appeals from UFO cultists…, jargon-riddled letters from space freaks, political appeals…. He couldn’t be bothered to wade through all the kipple to find the updates.
pre-spaceflight adj. 1989 P. J. McAuley Jacob’s Rock in Amazing Stories Mar. 101 A long time ago, in the same history course where she had learnt about ramscoops, Elena had come across an ancient print encapsulating an otherwise forgotten pre-spaceflight cosmology.
shaggy god story n. 1995 P. J. McAuley True & the Real in Interzone (#96) June 56/1 They are Shaggy God stories, revealing that everything is run either by a wizard, or by a showman who runs the wizard from behind behind [sic] a curtain.