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Paul J. McAuley

7 Quotations from Paul J. McAuley

egoboo n. 1999 P. J. McAuley Alien TV in Interzone (#142) Apr. 27/1 It’s great for egoboo, but nice to meet your readers, too.
escape pod n. 2002 P. McAuley Making History 87 ‘It fell into Saturn.’ ‘The scow did, yes. But before it took its dive, it travelled most of the way around the planet within the ring system, long enough to drop off its passengers and cargo in escape pods.’
gengineering n. 1998 P. J. McAuley Gardens of Saturn in Interzone (#137) Nov. 9/2 The original colonists had undergone extensive gengineering to adapt them to microgravity.
kipple n. 1988 P. J. McAuley Transcendence in Amazing Stories Nov. 60 His files…had been filled to overflowing: appeals from UFO cultists…, jargon-riddled letters from space freaks, political appeals…. He couldn’t be bothered to wade through all the kipple to find the updates.
pre-spaceflight adj. 1989 P. J. McAuley Jacob’s Rock in Amazing Stories Mar. 101 A long time ago, in the same history course where she had learnt about ramscoops, Elena had come across an ancient print encapsulating an otherwise forgotten pre-spaceflight cosmology.
shaggy god story n. 1995 P. J. McAuley True & the Real in Interzone (#96) June 56/1 They are Shaggy God stories, revealing that everything is run either by a wizard, or by a showman who runs the wizard from behind behind [sic] a curtain.
space field n. 2 1986 P. J. McAuley Airs of Earth in Amazing Stories Jan. 35 The doctor’s eager seeking expression reminded him of the wretches who sometimes haunted spacefields, drawn by the glamor [sic] of space travel but lacking the necessary talent or wealth.