C. A. Higgins

2 Quotations from C. A. Higgins

Titanese adj. 2016 C. A. Higgins Supernova 288 Only thin glass overhead separated her from the freezing inhospitality of Titan. Yellow lightning flashed; liquid methane slid greasily down the glass from the Titanese storm overhead. [Ibid.] The level Titanese stone stretched out so far to Constance’s left and right that she almost could not see where the glass came down again to seal off what once had been an air lock between sections of the greenhouse.
Titanian n. 2015 C. A. Higgins Lightless iv. 145 Titania was but one moon. But what was troubling was not that it might succeed but that it had happened at all. The System had also sent to her the surveillance footage on account of her rank in the intelligence branch. Ida let it play and watched as a crowd of people, native Titanians from the look of them, advanced on a System building ringed with System military. There was no sound to the footage, and Ida watched their mouths move noiselessly, their faces twisted in rage without voice.