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superscientific adj. 1919 C. Fort Book of Damned xx. 248 [...] I think of super-things that have passed close to this earth with no more interest in this earth than have passengers upon a steamship in the bottom of the sea—or passengers may have a keen interest, but circumstances of schedules and commercial requirements forbid investigation of the bottom of the sea. Then, on the other hand, we may have data of super-scientific attempts to investigate phenomena of this earth from above—perhaps by beings from so far away that they had never even heard that something, somewhere, asserts a legal right to this earth.
teleport v. 1 1934 C. H. Fort Lo! in Astounding Stories May 126/1 This whole earth was built up by streams of rocks, teleported from other parts of an existence.
teleport v. 1 1931 C. H. Fort Lo! i. ix. 105 Strange animals have appeared and they may have been teleported to this earth from other parts of an existence.
teleportation n. 1932 C. H. Fort Wild Talents ii. 27 Mostly in this book I shall specialize upon indications that there exists a transportory force that I shall call Teleportation.
teleportation n. 1932 C. H. Fort Wild Talents x. 98 Marauding animals have often unaccountably appeared in, or near, human communities.…I have collected notes upon these occurrences, as teleportations. [Ibid. x. 100] It seems to me that my expressions upon Teleportations are somewhat satisfactory in most of the cases—that is, that there is a force, distributive of forms of life and other phenomena that could switch an animal, say from a jungle in Madagascar to a back yard somewhere in Nebraska.
teleportation n. 1931 C. Fort Lo! i. iv. 42 Sometimes, in what I call ‘teleportations’, there seems to be ‘agency’ and sometimes not.