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gyrocab n. 2006 ‘J. Amory’ Fledging of Az Gabrielson iii. 12 Michael thrust the joystick down, and the Dragonfly fell into Anvilhead Avenue with giddying, stomach-churning speed, missing a gyro-cab by inches. The gyro-cab’s pilot flipped Michael the bird, and Az chortled, and so did Michael. In a helicopter Az came as close as he would ever get to true flight, and his brother always did his best to make the experience as exhilarating and breakneck as possible.
science fictioneer n. 2016 J. Lovegrove Worth the Weight? in SFX (#279) Nov. 39 I have volunteered to write a 750-word review of it for the Financial Times. As that newspaper’s tame science fictioneer…I am unquestionably the man for the job.