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offworlder n. 1957 โ€˜A. Nortonโ€™ Star Born 187 It might be easy, now that he had established mental contact with this off-worlder, for the other to pick up a thought as vivid as that.
planetside adj. 1955 โ€˜A. Northโ€™ Sargasso of Space ii. 22 The voyage to Naxos was routine. And the frontier world where they set down at its end was enough like Terra to be unexciting too. Not that Dane got any planet-side leave.
stargate n. 1958 A. Norton (title) Star Gate.
tridee n. 1961 โ€˜A. Nortonโ€™ Star Hunter 32 Chambriss carried a needler, Starns was unarmed except for a small protection stunner, his tri-dee box slung on his chest by well-worn carrying straps.