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Rigellian n. 1 1997 A. Norton & S. Smith Mind for Trade (1998) xxiii. 247 ‘Off to the next port,’ Van Ryke repeated, and then he said with mock solemnity, ‘so don’t use up all that energy. You’ll be working up a fine sweat when we tackle moving cargo over to the Star.’ ‘Rigelians don’t sweat!’ she said, whistling a laugh.
Rigellian n. 2 1997 A. Norton & S. Smith Mind for Trade (1998) viii. 83 ‘No!’ Tooe’s voice was shrill. ‘No good!’ And she talked on in rapid Rigelian, mixing in what sounded to Rip like a few words of the Tathi language. Rip saw Dane frown in concentration. The cargo master’s understanding of Rigelian, after weeks of talking with Tooe, was as good as hers of Terran—or nearly. But he seldom spoke in the difficult, hissing language.
Rigellian adj. 1997 A. Norton & S. Smith Mind for Trade (1998) ix. 92 She tweeted her thanks, and turned back to the climb, her crest flattened out in concentration-and-effort mode. Noting it, Dane enjoyed a private grin. There was no psi connection with his little Rigelian apprentice, but he didn’t need one. That flexible webbed crest, and her expressive whistles and chirps, made her emotions clear enough. As they rounded the last of the outcropping of rock and walked across a wide, flattened area, he wondered if she was even capable of hiding her reactions.