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construct n. 2020 A. Irvine Anthropocene Rag vii. 78 The life of a construct was difficult once it became fully self-aware. Ed had seen plenty of examples of that. He did not wish it for himself.
energy rifle n. 2014 A. Irvine First Avenger xv. 137 He spun and brought his shield up just in time to absorb the blast of a Hydra energy rifle. There was the Red Skull! Steve charged him, feeling two more energy blasts hit his shield.
nanite n. 2020 A. Irvine Anthropocene Rag vi. 62 Private security, nanite scrubbers constantly flitting through the night sky like bats, the whole panorama of showy elitism in the ruins.
nano n. 2020 A. Irvine Anthropocene Rag iii. 38 They said that if you got too close, robots would come down out of the sky and kill you, or the ground itself would turn into monsters that would eat you, or that defense nanos would turn you into gray goo.