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Earthean n. 1882 ‘N. Green’ Thousand Years Hence xix. 353 Venus, worthy of her name, is a beautiful planet, and already a favourite resort of our Eartheans. [Ibid. 357] The comparative cold, especially close on to sunrise, is so great, that we Eartheans could almost stand the night climate here unprotected; while a thousand feet aloft, in the thin Vulcanian atmosphere, we feel at night, so far as temperature is concerned, almost quite comfortable.
Earthean adj. 1882 ‘N. Green’ Thousand Years Hence xix. 355 A small chlorine generator [...] catches up the noxious metallic gas, Venerium, out of the Venus atmosphere, ere it enters our lungs. A small admixture of this, to us, new gaseous metal, which Venus has added to our chemistry, is the chief cause of the disagreement of Venus’s atmosphere with our Earthean constitution.
Earthian n. 1 1882 ‘N. Green’ Thousand Years Hence xviii. 340 Life proved rather pleasant to us here, and in more respects than those merely of climate, the fact being that we Earthians are greatly looked up to, and held in most flatteringly reverential consideration by these simple Jovians; for, if they care little about our science for its own sake, they yet readily see our power to apply it to all sorts of useful and profitable things, and they are struck with awe and admiration accordingly. Many of our people now live here for weeks and months together, in making business arrangements.
lightspeed n. 1 1882 ‘N. Green’ Thousand Years Hence v. 109 Indeed, the vastly greater speed thus attained made us at last regard, with something like contempt, the old ordinary light-speed of about one hundred and eighty thousand miles in a second.
Lunite n. [1882 ‘N. Green’ Thousand Years Hence xvi. 311 Some of the larger of the lunar slugs had been picked up on this first visit [...] From being afterwards prepared in a particular way, suggestive of old North-British curing practice, they got the name of ‘kippered lunites,’ and were so greedily taken by the market, that the brother provisioner in question made a rapid fortune. ]
Marsian n. 1 1882 ‘N. Green’ Thousand Years Hence xvii. 321 We found the Marsians to be good common-sense people, notwithstanding the peculiarity of many of their institutions.
Marsian n. 2 1882 ‘N. Green’ Thousand Years Hence xvii. 323 This ended in the subsequent measure known as the great ‘Tca Mrofer,’ if I may thus attempt to lay down the difficult Marsian jargon.
Marsian adj. 1882 ‘N. Green’ Thousand Years Hence xvii. 319 The Marsian atmosphere we found so nearly to resemble our own, that we could breathe it quite comfortably and safely; but it was rather thin to our lungs, resembling our own in fact, as it used to be, at the height of a good many thousand feet from the old level of the ground.
solar system n. 1882 ‘N. Green’ Thousand Years Hence xxi. 386 A very grand scheme was in contemplation, under White’s redoubtable leadership—no less than a public excursion to the nebula in Argo, in order to survey, from some near but sufficiently safe position, the marvellously stupendous movements that are of late developing there, in the gradual process of evolving a huge solar system.