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George Alec Effinger

5 Quotations from George Alec Effinger

alternate reality n. 1989 G. A. Effinger in Asimov’s Science Fiction Feb. 120 When they returned to T0, Placide and Fein discovered that the present was just as they’d left it, that their excursion in time had not changed the past, but rather created a new alternate reality.
chrononaut n. 1985 G. A. Effinger Nick of Time 30 He had always handled himself well in front of crowds; that had been part of his training after he had been selected as the first chrononaut.
Martian n. 1 1985 G. A. Effinger Nick of Time (1987) 12 The management of the Fair had taken the opportunity to show what would happen if Martians took it into their pointy little green heads to attack the 1939 New York World’s Fair.
time paradox n. 1985 G. A. Effinger Nick of Time 34 ‘A time-travel paradox,’ said the small man. ‘There wasn’t any failure with the equipment. It wasn’t the hardware. You just ran into one of the basic laws of the universe, something we don’t know much about yet. Fortunately it was just a little paradox.’
universal translator n. 1987 G. A. Effinger Another Dead Grandfather in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 115 I don’t speak Austrian, you know. Do you have some kind of universal translator with you or something?