Robert Reed

10 Quotations from Robert Reed

Belter n. 1987 R. Reed Hormone Jungle (1989) 7 And there is the multitude of Belter worlds, each unique.
energy gun n. 1998 R. Reed Savoir in Asimov’s Science Fiction Aug. 79 Mom and I were hiding in the basement, knowing that it was just a matter of days or hours until those awful energy guns would be pointed at us.
floater n. 1987 R. Reed Hormone Jungle (1989) 9 Half the sky is eclipsed by a tall stone building. A line of floaters cross the other half—saucer-shaped craft carrying their passengers from place to place.
light-month n. 1999 R. Reed Baby’s Fire in Asimov’s Science Fiction July 118 The voice sprang from a tiny, almost unnoticed mass barely one light month away.
nova n. 2010 R. Reed Alone in Godlike Machines 348 A bright red star became the walker’s beacon, its guide, and it followed that rich light until the ancient sun sickened and went nova, flinging portions of its flawed skin out into the cooling, dying vacuum.
robot n. 2009 R. Reed Creatures of Well-Defined Habits in Asimov’s Science Fiction Aug. 38 I sat across from him and let him see a small smile, and the robot asked about my life of late, and I shrugged without commitment.
starfaring adj. 2006 R. Reed Asimov’s Science Fiction June 64 Human experience has discovered precisely one starfaring vessel, and it was a grain of metallic dust, and to reach us it had to be exceptionally lucky.
terraform v. 2010 R. Reed History of Terraforming in Asimov’s Science Fiction July 94 Mercury, long considered too expensive to terraform, had been purchased and partially destroyed, doctored rock and iron fashioned into a fleet of enormous orbiting solar collectors.
terraforming n. 2010 R. Reed History of Terraforming in Asimov’s Science Fiction July 81 Preliminary teams were plotting the terraforming of Venus.
wallscreen n. 1992 R. Reed After All in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan. 22 For a while he made weekly calls to his daughters, him sitting in his favorite chair while watching them on the wallscreen.