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regeneration n. 1980 T. Dicks Doctor Who & the Underworld 34 The regeneration method of the Time Lords was largely a natural one. A combination of genetic coding and long yoga-like training enabled them to trigger the regeneration process themselves at the appropriate time.
sonic screwdriver n. 1974 T. Dicks Doctor Who & the Auton Invasion vi. 63 He went through the pockets of his old clothes. โ€˜Sonic screwdriver, TARDIS detectorโ€ฆYes, it all seems to be there.โ€™ Quickly the Doctor transferred his possessions into his new pockets.
temporal loop n. 1977 T. Dicks Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters v. 53 In horrified tones, Kalik hissed, โ€˜Do you mean all those creatures are actually living in there?โ€™ Vorg nodded proudly. โ€˜That is so, your worship, all happy and content in their own miniaturised environments. The incorporation of a simple temporal loop ensures that they repeat the same basic patterns hour after hour...โ€™
transmat n. 1983 T. Dicks Five Doctors iii. 35 The Castellan nodded to the transmat booth in the corner. โ€˜We have a power-boosted, open-ended transmat beam.โ€™