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communicator n. 1912 R. Kipling Easy as A.B.C. in Washington Post 25 Feb. (Family Magazine section) 4/1 Our calls—urgent, pleading, coaxing or commanding—through the General Communicator, brought no answer. [Ibid. 5/2] In the utter hush that followed the growling spark, after Arnott had linked up his Service Communicator with the invisible fleet, we heard MacDonough’s Song from the city beneath us grow fainter.
communicator n. 1905 R. Kipling With the Night Mail in McClure’s Magazine Nov. 28/2 He leans forward in his belt, eyes glued to the colloid, and one ear cocked toward the General Communicator. [Ibid. 30/1] The only warning is the electric skin-tension…and an irritability which the gibbering of the General Communicator increases almost to hysteria.