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Earthian n. 1 1948 R. Bradbury Million-Year Picnic 165 I was looking for Earthian logic, common sense, good government, peace and responsibility.
mag- prefix 1943 R. Bradbury King of Gray Spaces in Famous Fantastic Mysteries Dec. 122/2 They looked and acted as if they were going to attend a magnetic ball game at one of the local mag-fields.
marsquake n. 1955 R. Bradbury The Piper in Fantastic Stories Spring 85/1 ‘Whass that?’ asked Brondar. ‘That noise?’…‘Marsquake,’ said Nar, feebly rousing himself. ‘Shifting strata in the hills.’
Mercurian adj. 1951 R. Bradbury Rocket Man in Illustrated Man 68 But I have to get my own collection, trading from other boys, the Martian rocks and Mercurian sands which filled my room, but about which Dad would never comment.
moon base n. 1944 R. Bradbury Lazarus Come Forth in Planet Stories Winter 108/2 Go up to the radio room and call Earth. We’ve got to rush the Scientist to Moon Base immediately.
moon rocket n. 1947 R. Bradbury Rocket Summer in Planet Stories Spring 50/1 The crew of the Moon Rocket stood in the air-lock.
problem story n. 1947 R. Bradbury P.S.’s Feature Flash in Planet Stories Spring 101/1 As I have pointed out innumerable times to friends and readers I am not responsible for my stories in any way, shape, or form [...] It is only fair that at this time I mention Ross Rocklynne. He does my ‘problem’ stories for me. We are now collaborating on a story in which the hero must work out a mathematical formula for kicking his way out of a gigantic paper bag. It is a story of immense possibilities and that dry rattling sound you hear is Mr. Rocklynne over in the far corner thrashing about in a large paper jerkin into which I have just sealed him.
rocketport n. 1967 R. Bradbury Lost City of Mars in 3 to the Highest Power (1968) 17 The wind that blew from the frontier town smelled of grease. An aluminum-toothed jukebox banged somewhere. A junk yard rusted beside the rocketport. Old newspapers danced on the windy tarmac.
skyhook n. 1 1938 R. Bradbury Hollerbochen Comes Back: or Voyage of the Neuralgia in Mikros (#3) Nov. 1 Hurtling thru the stratosfere somewhere, a tiny piece of matter bobbed up & down just this side of the heaviside layer where the rockets turn to the right & take the airlane to Jupiter past the array of billboards hanging by skyhooks on the clouds.
space station n. 1956 R. Bradbury End of Beginning in R is for Rocket (1968) Think of it—a manned rocket going up tonight to build the first space station.
starport n. [1944 R. Bradbury I, Rocket in Amazing Stories May 114/1 After a while he looked up at the star-port. His eyes dilated very dark and wide. He stood up. He walked across the computation room and stood there, staring out.]
time machine n. 1988 R. Bradbury Toynbee Convector (1989) 3 Yes, the time machine is on exhibit below.