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earthlike adj. 2006 J. McDevitt Odyssey xx. 176 Terranova had ice caps and mountain ranges and island groups. It was an odd experience, looking at a place so Earthlike, but with unfamiliar landmasses.
jump engine n. 2000 J. McDevitt Infinity Beach 17 Jump engines…moved starships into and out of hyperspace.
off-world adj. 2006 J. McDevitt Odyssey xxv. 221 Biologists, delighted with the opportunity to study off-world life, had lined up for assignment, and Cephei III had continued to receive researchers ever since.
offworld adv. 1989 J. McDevitt Talent for War 64 ‘Do you know where he went?’… ‘Off-world…Somewhere. But he'll be back.’
skyhook n. 4 2000 J. McDevitt Infinity Beach 71 There were always a few gasps from travelers who were looking at it for the first time. Skyhooks were, if not the most incredible of human engineering marvels, then certainly the most spectacular. Five of the nine worlds had them, and one was under construction on Tigris. Greenway’s skyhook, which was connected to Terminal City, was now about twelve kilometers away. Its enormous bulk rose out of the downtown area and soared into the clouds.
viewport n. 2006 J. McDevitt Odyssey xviii. 154 As soon as the jump was complete, they all crowded onto the bridge to look out through the viewport. Nobody was happier than MacAllister to see the mists go away. The transdimensional fogscape reminded him that the real world was far stranger than anything humans had dreamed up, with its quantum effects, time running at different rates depending on whether you’re standing on the roof or in the basement, objects that aren’t there unless someone looks at them.