John Martin Leahy

2 Quotations from John Martin Leahy

Venusian n. 1 1924 J. M. Leahy Draconda in Weird Tales Mar. xxix. 62/1 [I]f this life is the only one, why were human beings placed on this planet that earth-men call Venus? That we find them on the two orbs proves that the Almighty placed them there, and it logically follows that He had some end in view (to use such inadequate phraseology because we have none better) when He created them Tellurians and Venusians. But what that end is—who can tell us that?
Venusian adj. 1923 J. M. Leahy Draconda in Weird Tales Nov. xi. 84/1 At length—we were then but a thousand miles or so up—the midday point was attained, and then it was that our descent into the Venusian world began. We had issued at last from the terrible depths of space: but what awaited us in these other deeps—these deeps into which we were now descending?