Jerry Oltion

2 Quotations from Jerry Oltion

spacehand n. 1997 J. Oltion Mudd in Your Eye xiv. 150 There wasn’t a stitch of clothing among the hundreds of people he saw soaking in the pools or standing beside them—a delightful sight even for a veteran spacehand who had seen similar situations many times before.
Titanian n. 2009 J. Oltion Foreign Exchange in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Nov. 73/1 ‘I’d give anything to meet these guys,’ Melissa said. ‘We were so close. If we’d gotten here a couple of months earlier, we’d be exploring side-by-side with a genuine Titanian.’ ‘We’d be wondering how to get him to Earth is what we’d be doing,’ Will said. ‘As it is, he’s at least safe. And now that we know there’s life on Titan, we’ll be sending a mission there as fast as we can build the ship. He’s the lucky one; he’s got a decent chance of getting home alive.’