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bot n. 1982 A. Cole & C. Bunch Sten (1990) 79 The warehouse…was a place that a human—on legal business—never had to visit as all functions and work were handled by bots, from tiny inventory clerks to giant, idiot-brained skip-loaders.
first contact n. 1984 A. Cole & C. Bunch Wolf Worlds (1990) 14 Sten itemized: ground packs, weapons, surface suits, survival gear, first-contact pouches… As ready as possible.
fresher n. 1988 A. Cole & C. Bunch Fleet of Damned 27 Sten’s quarters were also quite interesting. They consisted of two rooms—a combined bedroom/study decorated in soothing colors, and a 'fresher that included not only the usual facilities, but an elaborate Jacuzzi.
hulled adj. 1990 A. Cole & C. Bunch Return of the Emperor 355 All four beings leaped on Poyndex as if he were the last lifeboat leaving a hulled ship. He could barely make out the questions in the frightened confusion.
nonhumanoid n. 1985 A. Cole & C. Bunch Court of Thousand Suns (1990) 19 Prime World humans felt that the nonhumans, the N'Ranya, were underdogs, and preferred to invest their credits accordingly; non-humanoids felt somewhat differently, preferring to back the favorites.
offworld adv. 1982 A. Cole & C. Bunch Sten (1990) 16 Below The Eye was the cargo loading area, generally reserved for the Company’s own ships. Independent traders docked offworld.
slideway n. 1982 A. Cole & C. Bunch Sten (1990) 90 Mahoney arced off the slideway, over the barrier and into the machine shop’s entrance.
torchship n. 1982 A. Cole & C. Bunch Sten (1990) 48 ‘You think it oughta be like the old days? Say, like when there were torchships?’ ‘You ain’t gotta go back that far, but tha’s good example. More beer! Back when they was ion ships and men to match 'em.’ ‘Torchships my ass,’ Raschid sneered. He spat on the floor. ‘Those torchships. You know how they worked? Computer-run. From lift-off to set down.’
vidscreen n. 1985 A. Cole & C. Bunch Court of Thousand Suns (1990) 98 Marr palmed the switch and the vidscreen went respectfully blank.