Arthur H. Rapp

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eyetracks n. 1952 A. H. Rapp, L. Hoffman & R. Boggs Fanspeak 5/2 When you read a new book you get eyetracks all over it. Then it isn’t mint anymore.
fugghead n. 1949 A. H. Rapp in Spacewarp (#30) Sept. 6 There were Jim Taurasi and William Sykora, Bob Tucker (who might have been peeved over the Singer Hoax, but didn’t show it beyond presenting the Ben with a medal for being Prize Fugghead of the Convention).
gafia n. 2 1950 A. H. Rapp Timber! in Spacewarp (#37) Apr. Just a minor siege of GAFIA, from which, eventually, I will once again develop an enthusiasm for stf. At least I hope so.