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alien life form n. 1937 A. K. Barnes ‘Whiz-Bangs’ of Venus in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 123/1 As in the past, I have tried not to invent things that are too far removed from life as we know it on this Earth. The weird ‘whip’, for instance, has its Earthly counterpart not only in the ant-eater, but in the sphinx-moth, which sports a hoselike tongue a good deal longer than its own body. Cousins to the ‘Venusian buzzard’ can be found under any microscope in the biology lab. While the Murri, of course, finds its obvious image in the Proboscis Monkey…. I do this because I feel that if a reader has some basis of comparison, when reading about alien life forms, he will be able to visualize the story more clearly and perhaps give himself an added measure of enjoyment and appreciation.
earthwoman n. 1938 A. K. Barnes Satellite Five in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 16/1 For this was Gerry Carlyle, most famous Earth-woman in the System, admired and beloved by millions for her exploits along the spaceways.
space taxi n. 1941 A. K. Barnes Trouble on Titan in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. xi. 49/1 The space taxis traveling from Hollywood on the Moon to the big bloated gambling ships detoured so their passengers could get a look at the phenomenon.
suited adj. 1938 A. K. Barnes Satellite Five in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 28/1 A half-dozen suited figures scurried about the nose of the Ark.