Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr.

5 Quotations from Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr.

hell planet n. 1940 F. A. Kummer, Jr. Star Pirate in Planet Stories Summer 76/2 Iโ€™ve thought of you a great deal these eleven years! In the radium fields of that hell-planet Mercury, hunting gold in the stinking Venusian jungles, prospecting the dusty, choking deserts of Mars!
sailship n. [1950 D. Wylie & F. A. Kummer When Time Went Mad in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 24/2 One moment I was over old New York, aiming toward the updrafts in Wall Street Valleyโ€ฆ. But there's a town to the west.โ€ฆ. Iโ€™d never seen a town like that and Iโ€™ve flown all around New York and beyond in my sail-ship.]
spacehand n. 1938 F. A. Kummer Forgiveness of Tenchu Taen in Astounding Science-Fiction Nov. 120/1 Here in the Olech, squat Jovian spacehands rub shoulders with languid Venusian traders; dark Mercurians drink with the dak-men of Neptune; and tall Terrestrials swagger contemptuously through the crowds of โ€˜reddies,โ€™ copper-skinned sons of Mars. Above the babel of a hundred polyglot tongues one can hear the sibilant hissing of the Martian dialects. Like flitting shadows the little reddies, clad in their long, loose dust-robes, glide along the crooked streets, mysterious, inscrutable.
terrestial n. 1942 F. Kummer Pied Piper of Mars in Planet Stories Spring 88/1 Before the night is out, all terrestials on Mars will be imprisoned or dead.
terrestial adj. 1938 F. A. Kummer Exterminators in Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug. 50/1 Gasping, Sheridan recognized Dr. Ernst Flane, the noted terrestial physicist who had gone into voluntary exile on Jupiter with a small group of assistants, in order to study the cosmic rays.