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astroengineer n. 1947 E. McDowell Beyond the Yellow Fog in Planet Stories Spring 7/1 Gavin’s amusement gave way to misgivings. He was a special agent of the T.I.S. He had been assigned to the Jovian slave trade for two reasons. He wasn't known on Venus or Jupiter. But, more important, he had been an astro-engineer on a Tri-World ship before joining the T.I.S.
carbon-based adj. 1947 ‘E. McDowell’ Black Silence in Planet Stories Fall 28/1 Minute aquatic life feeds on the microscopic forms. Small fish, minnows, and other fry, feed on the smaller aquatic creatures. The minnows in turn supply food for larger species. It’s a chain. Destroy the first link and you destroy the whole chain. In weeks our waters will be devoid of carbon-based life in any form!
carbon-based adj. 1947 E. McDowell Black Silence in Planet Stories Fall 27/2 ‘They aren’t carbon life at all. They're silicon life!’ Matt stared at her in disbelief. Theoretically, of course, it was quite possible. Silicon had the ability to form complex molecules very closely akin to carbon compounds. Somehow, though, he had never seriously considered life manifesting itself in anything but carbon-based protoplasm.
psychohistorian n. 1948 E. McDowell Outcasts of Solar III in Planet Stories Spring 29/1 The semantics expert, the psychohistorian, and the ethnologist joined them.