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food pill n. 1950 W. Sheldon Country Beyond the Curve in Amazing Stories Oct. 87/2 Someone gave me a food pill and I took it automatically.
insectoid adj. 1950 'S. Walters' All You Do Is Tranz the Frammis! in Amazing Stories July 82/1 The third creature was hard, stiff, plated, and insectoid.
light barrier n. 2 1950 W. Sheldon Salad Citizens in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 133/2 Meโ€”the first guy to take a ship through the light barrier, even if it did disintegrate.
light barrier n. 2 1950 W. Sheldon Eyes are Watching in Amazing Stories July 103/2 The speed of light. Pluto and back. That was only the test. That was only a quick run and the light barrier would be crossed for only a few seconds during the trip.
rocketeer n. 1950 W. Sheldon Music of Spheres in Startling Stories July 115/2 Mr. Optimum Stability, himselfโ€”at least that was what they told me after an I.B.M. machine picked me from my psychograph out of all the other rocketeers and jetmen in the World Air Force.
space fiction n. 1948 W. Sheldon Perfect Servant in Startling Stories July 116/1 In Vienna I make my reputation on musicals. So I come to Hollywood. So what do they give me? An epic. About the future, yet. The story they get from a magazine called Atomic Space Fiction. I canโ€™t even understand it. It opens in a laboratory. How do I know if the laboratory Soumazowsky, my technical adviser, builds is authentic?