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aerocar n. 1950 G. H. Irwin Justice of Martin Brand in Other Worlds July 128/1 In the dark, a transfer was made to an aerocar, which took off immediately on a course directly over the Venusian jungles.
Callistonian n. 1943 ‘M. J. Steele’ Warriors of Other Worlds in Fantastic Adventures Aug. 208/2 Their bite is not particularly dangerous to the warrior of Callisto…. Yet, if enough bites are received by a Callistonian, he will be put out of action for several weeks.
men in black n. 1978 R. Palmer Flying Saucers & the Stymie Factor in Science Fiction Review May 69/1 I understand fully why some researchers invent such ‘excuses’ for clamming up and dropping out of research as ‘the men in black’, the FBI, the CIA, or whatever evidence of paranoia you can suggest.
off-trail adj. 1947 R. Palmer Observatory in Amazing Stories Oct. 7/2 Don Wilcox gives us ‘The Kettle In The Pit’ as one of his ‘off-trail’ offerings.
spacegram n. 1935 R. A. Palmer Symphony of Death in Amazing Stories Dec. 92/1 ‘Sweet shades of Luna!’ exclaimed Dale Scott, reporter extraordinary, as he finished decoding the last word of the tersely worded spacegram. ‘That guy would put a brass monkey to shame!’ Again he read the matter-of-fact sentences: NEW INVENTION TO BE DEMONSTRATED BEFORE MARTIAN COUNCIL TODAY. GET ALL PARTICULARS AND FORWARD, NO EARTHMEN ALLOWED ENTRANCE. Signed: PEARSALL
space liner n. 1952 R. Palmer Hell Ship in Worlds of If Mar. 114/1 The giant space liner swung down in a long arc, hung for an instant on columns of flame, then settled slowly into the blast-pit…. It lay there, its voyage over, waiting.
space patrolman n. 1939 ‘M. J. Steele’ Phantom Enemy in Amazing Stories Feb. 103/2 The uniformed figure of a space patrolman rose from below and stepped into the control room.
superscientific adj. 1947 R. A. Palmer Observatory in Amazing Stories Oct. 6/2 The existence of strange, super-scientific ships in the atmosphere of earth!
worldbuilder n. 1942 R. A. Palmer Editor’s Notebook in Fantastic Adventures June 7/1 Now he [sc. Edmond Hamilton] ought to have the title of ‘world-builder’! Because he has a knack of building a whole new world of thrilling adventure with a few typewritten words.