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Raymond A. Palmer

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aerocar n. 1950 G. H. Irwin Justice of Martin Brand in Other Worlds July 128/1 In the dark, a transfer was made to an aerocar, which took off immediately on a course directly over the Venusian jungles.
off-trail adj. 1947 R. Palmer Observatory in Amazing Stories Oct. 7/2 Don Wilcox gives us โ€˜The Kettle In The Pitโ€™ as one of his โ€˜off-trailโ€™ offerings.
space patrolman n. 1939 โ€˜M. J. Steeleโ€™ Phantom Enemy in Amazing Stories Feb. 103/2 The uniformed figure of a space patrolman rose from below and stepped into the control room.
superscientific adj. 1947 R. A. Palmer Observatory in Amazing Stories Oct. 6/2 The existence of strange, super-scientific ships in the atmosphere of earth!