David Wright O'Brien

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space bronzed adj. 1942 ‘D. Farnesworth’ Q Ship of Space in Amazing Stories Jan. 208/2 Another young space-bronzed junior officer.
space bum n. 1941 ‘J. Y. Cabot’ Sergeant Shane of the Space Marines in Amazing Stories 98/2 I wanted to make sure that the Varda wench wasn’t roughed by those space bums.
spacefaring adj. 1942 D. W. O’Brien Creegar Dares to Die in Fantastic Adventures Aug. 117/1 The seedy litle [sic] man in spacefaring garb of soiled raggedness nudged him.
spacefaring adj. 1942 ‘D. Farnsworth’ Suicide Ship to Earth in Amazing Stories Feb. 181/2 If it weren’t for his childish desire to play spacefaring financier, he'd never have put a kleka in with us.
spaceward adv. 1940 D. W. O’Brien Suicide Squadrons of Space in Amazing Stories Aug. 12/1 The reverberations of their engines smashed the air as they climbed spaceward.